How to add Spread API into my PHP project?

  1. Enable SOAP extension module ,
    Examine phpinfo,SOAP’s installation as the picture below:

    If SOAP is under the status of “enable”, you need not to carry out these steps. Operations of setting up SOAP under the circumstance of Windows are as follows.
    • Open the document of” php.ini” and find the panel point “extension=php_soap.dll”, then erase “;”in front of the panel point. If  you can not find this panel point, please add this document. 
    • Find the panel point ”extension_dir=” in the document of “php.ini”, and open the corresponding contents document to check whether there is a document of “soap.dll” or not.
    • If you cannot find the document of “soap.dll”, you should download  “soap.dll” and save it in the document. Then you should restart  “web server” to check the installation of “SOAP” in “ phpinfo” again.
  1. Example:
    Login your Spread Account -> My Account -> API -> API Url to get your API url.

    $APIUrl = ""
    $client = new SoapClient($APIUrl."?WSDL");
    $arrayPara = array('loginEmail'=>'','password'=>'your api key','subscriberEmail'=>'', 'subscription'=>'SeedList','optInType'=>'Off');
    $result = $client->addSubscriberByEmail($arrayPara);