I do not receive verification email after I have registered. Why?

This problem can be caused by the following reasons:
  1. The verification email may have fallen to your SPAM/JUNK folder.
    Check your SPAM/JUNK folder.
  2. Your mailbox may be full.
    Clear your mailbox. Then, go to My Account > Add & Verify Email and enter your email address to resend the verification email.
  3. You may have mistyped your registered email when you register.
    If fortunately you are still logged in:
    1. Go to My Account > Contact Information and change your registered email. Then,
    2. Go to My Account > Add & Verify Email and enter your email address to resend the verification email.
    If you logged out, you may need to register a new account or contact us on spread@reasonables.com.
I have forgotten my login password. How can I get it back?
You cannot get it back but you can renew it:
  1. At the login page, press the link Forget Passwords?.
  2. Enter your Registered Email, press the Get New Password button.
  3. You will receive an email titled Spread: Renew your password.
  4. Click the link provided in the email. The link will redirect you to a page Password Renewal.
  5. Enter your new passwords and press the Renew Password! button.
Note: If you do not receive the email from us:
  1. Check your Spam/Junk folder of your mailbox.
  2. Check if your mailbox is full.
How's the pricing count?

Our pricing is based on the size of your ACTIVE email addresses stored in our system.

Do I need to sign any contract?

No. You don't. The payment is prepaid monthly.

How can I get Discount?

5% discount applies to prepaid 3-month subscription fee, 6 months for 10% and 1 year for 20%.

Does Reasonable Spread offer sponsorship?

Yes, we offer sponsorship to business associations, commercial chambers, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.
Free for 1 year subscription with up to 10000 subscribers.

Can I buy email addresses from Reasonable Spread?

NO, we are permission-based, we do not sell email addresses.

Is there anything I can do to lower the chance of my emails being filtered or reported as SPAM?

Yes, you can:
  1. Make your contact list Double Opt-In. (What is Double Opt-In?)
    With Double Opt-In, you can 100% make sure that your contacts are interested in receiving your emails. They probably will not report your emails as spam.
    You can use our List Builder together with your Double Opt-In Option turned ON to build your Double Opt-In Email List.
  2. Identify yourself more.
    You can identify more on the email's Display Name, Subject and the Content.
  3. Add "Permission Reminder" to your emails
    At the top of your emails, remind your contacts why they receive your emails, because some of them may have forgotten.
    For example: You receive this email because you have subscribed in our website. Please add our email into your address book.
  4. Avoid Spam-suspected words and symbols.
    Such as "free", "guarantee", excessive capital letters and exclamation marks. (More)
  5. Avoid Spam-suspected codes.
    Such as scripts, web forms.
Why my active contacts are keep on decreasing?

Our system would continuously make the emails inactive to maintain your email list quality when:
  1. Subscribers unsubscribed. They no longer want to receive your emails again in the future.
  2. The email addresses of the subscribers have 1 Hard Bounces / 10 Soft Bounces. (What is Hard/Soft Bounce?)
  3. Subscribers report your email as spam.